Are you a foreigner and don't know how to set up your company in Colombia? We help create your business until it is up and running, and offer administrative management services when it is running, depending on your specific business needs and vision.

Related Services

These are some services related to Company Incorporation.
  • Advice regarding tax advantages of the company to be constituted
  • Tax planning
  • Preparation of the Constitution Statutes
  • Accompaniment in the filing of documents in the Chamber of Commerce
  • Registration of the company in the RIT
  • All the necessary procedures for the creation of the company
  • Procedures in the DIAN for the formalization of the Pre-Rut request
  • Digital signature of the legal representative and Resolution of Electronic invoicing


For both individuals and companies, it is very important to have advice on tax matters, in order to optimize the tax burden and the use of tax benefits, always within the margin of the current legal framework.

We provide strategic planning in search of obtaining a financial balance for the proper management of tax obligations, additionally in our services we offer an exhaustive review of the operation of the accounting information system, as well as supervision to the main actors in the accounting process, which will guarantee greater reliability in the results of the reports.


Tax Services

Preparation of national income declarations
Preparation of district income declaration
Elaboration of the declaration of Income for individuals and companies
Preparation of tax-related certifications
Preparation of Exogenous Information before DIAN
Preparation of reports to DANE, SuperSociedades and supertransporte